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In the Spring of 2012, TWELV Magazine was pulling together the final elements for the 1st issue of the magazine. 

The goal  was  “to  start  a  movement,  one  of  beauty  and  eloquence,  but  also  encompassing  a  certain  edginess  that  represents  the  current  generations  tastes." 

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TWELV needed to establish a readership base and enter the market with a bang, to drive sales and views to its' website.


To do that...

TWELV needed a
celebrity for
the cover.

CEO of Bonner Communications, and consultant PR Director of TWELV, Noelle Bonner, pitched Mischa Barton’s publicist on the concept of TWELV…they were sold.

Mischa Barton was a few years post her popular show “The O.C.”, had survived a few media scandals and was now making a comeback.

Hissa Igarashi, the creative director of TWELV and the creative team flew to LA for the cover shoot. The final image was beguiling, visually captivating and genius all at the same time…


Mischa in a white matronly Jill Stuart dress holding a stranger’s baby. 

TWELV’s first issue was picked up by Good Morning America, E News, The Huffington Post Style Section,, and many more fashion websites and blogs…

TWELV had its' celebrity and a buzzworthy cover that was going carry the 1st issue of the magazine off shelves and into people’s homes.


A Verifiable Media BANG.

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KC Makeup

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