Marisol Reyes



"A pessimist sees the difficulty

in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

- Winston Churchill

Marisol has experience in Graphic Design, Digital Design, Social Media Advertising and Brand Development. 

Marisol Reyes is an Assistant Graphic Designer at Bonner Communications. She studied Design and Advertising at the University of San Francisco, gaining knowledge in design as a form of visual communication. With innate attention to detail and strong production skills; Marisol has learned to fluidly transition between different mediums and digital design tools. 

At a previous internship for Ad2SF, Marisol refined her design technique and lead a creative team that developed social media content for a summertime campaign. Her design experience to date has strengthened her ability to balance multiple design projects simultaneously and forged a strong work ethic.

Marisol works with Bonner Communications clients to establish their brand identities, and design an array of marketing materials.