Gone are the days when seasoned publicists could place a single press release or story in top tier print or broadcast media, and hope their client’s products would fly off shelves, brands could be launched or a single placement would be enough to right a media crisis. Why? Media is no longer beholden to a few dominant voices. And with this decentralization of news, the news cycle and general public’s attention has also become shorter, forcing headlines and stories to become more sensational; all the while social media has grown into a viable medium for ‘breaking news’, vital to the propagation of news.

So in a world when the media is being forced to churn out more information, that both means less and captures fewer people’s attention, and publicists are still in the unique position of being the voice box, the branding specialists, influencers of the influencers, message controllers and the crisis managers of the biggest brands and celebrities in the world. How do we maintain our position(s) in the ever-evolving digital age of media?

PR Strategy= Public Relations X Social Media X Digital Marketing

There is no PR strategy in this day and age that should exist without thoughtful messaging, discerning media placement AND an accompanying social media and digital marketing strategy to help amplify that story or messaging. Publicists need to have a robust understanding of how to use various digital mediums and tactics to help their clients reach new audiences, tell their brands story and keep these stories alive; long after they’ve been placed. From the consistent utilization of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube, i.e social media management; to Digital Marketing tactics like SEO, Google Adwords/Search Engine Marketing and even Email Marketing; the one off approach to placing stories for clients, does not lead to increased brand awareness/recognition, increased sales, or more likes and shares on social media.

The integration of some or all of these different tactics, is when clients see brand and/or sales growth; and publicists or communications firms need to have an understanding of how to do them all, and do them well.

Content Is Queen.

There is no substitution for great content. Content that is so Campbell’s “Mm Mm good” that folks can’t help but share it with their friends, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters, that is the gold that all marketing professionals (and publicists are marketing professionals at the end of the day) strive for. Even if the product is a potato; the verbiage, imagery, and feeling that is imparted after a consumer reads an article on that potato, or runs into multiple re-marketing Facebook ads on that potato; should have them asking all McDonald’s and restaurants that they frequent whether they use those potatoes for their fries.  So yes, thoughtful, sticky, resonant and viral Content, is Queen.

Consistency is Key.

To achieve the best results for clients, after the right strategy is identified, Consistency is Key. The careful ideation, implementation and execution of communications and marketing campaigns. From paid, to earned media, to social media, to digital marketing; once implemented, the only way to optimize your strategy, is if you are remaining consistent with your execution. That way when new strategies need to be implemented, or certain pieces of the overall strategy that aren’t working need to be phased out, it will be a seamless process when new variables need to be removed or introduced into your campaign(s) strategy.

The Big Picture.

The job of a publicist goes far beyond churning out press releases. We strategize and outline the zeitgeist of our client’s brand, identify key messaging that will resonate with their target audience, manage their social media accounts to increase followers, implement SEO tactics and digital marketing to increase website rankings, curate events and of course consistently place articles in print, digital, local, trade and national media to increase our clients brand recognition and manage their reputation. We are the influencers of influencers, and in the digital age, we use the power of… like, share, and search… to keep our clients relevant and in front of their target audiences.

Noelle Bonner is the CEO & Principal Consultant at Bonner Communications. A boutique communications firm based in San Francisco, with clients from California, to NYC; that specializes in 360 communications & marketing programs for clients in fields that range from Beauty, to Healthcare to Politics. A few notable clients include, Lennar International; a subdivision of Lennar, the 3rd largest home builder in the United States, Yes On Prop O (a local San Francisco ballot measure), KC-Makeup by Karuna Chani (the top South Asian MUA in the United States), Jeeves New York (US branch of the only International dry-cleaning company in the world) and Marina Securities Services (a multi-state security management company).